Key Service Areas

We design, YOU build it OR WE design and build it. If it’s mechanical and electrical in nature we can get you through it.

R & D

We partner with Universities and Private Industry for Novel Approaches to challenging problems.

Embedded Sensors

Mixed Signal Design Expertise in Embedded Analog Sensor solutions with microprocessors and RF SOCS.


Technologies that allow both wireless and wired systems to communicate with other devices of the same type.

Turnkey Design

Printed Circuit Board Design, Electronic Packaging, and Custom Form Factor Solutions.

Who we are

Here at Hip Science we stand at the intersection of Science and Humanity because electronics without a cause is so yesterday. We are an embedded sensor company, meaning we embed sensors with other cool stuff so they talk and play nice with other cool technology. I guess you can call them social sensors because they speak Bluetooth, WIFI, LTE, or any other language necessary to bridge them to our lives. We are not just another design company doing tech for tech sake. We make tech for a safer tomorrow – a brighter future of sorts. And yes we have to offer the disclaimer that we have paid our dues with over 15 years of experience in the aerospace industry. This is not just what we do – this is how we give back to a greater whole.

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Have an Idea to Execute? We can churn it out for you.

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